New featured gallery – Birmingham

This week’s featured gallery contains images that were taken during a walk around Birmingham. This was not specifically a photography walk as I had my wife with me but I did have my trusty Fujifilm x20 around my neck.

The x20 is my favourite camera for street photography. It as a manual zoom lens that I normally leave set to 35mm when not taking a specific shot. As the camera is always set to 35mm and around my neck I can judge what will be in the frame and some of the shots in the gallery (the barbers shop for example) were taken without lifting the camera to look at the screen or through the viewfinder.

This “from the hip” type shooting is a valuable skill for a screen photographer.


Welcome to Barry Bridgens Photography.

This site is the new home for all of my photography related posts. Non-photography related material will continue to be posted to my old Barry Talk blog.

As well as blog posts I intend to have a featured gallery which will be updated regularly. This gallery will showcase my latest photographs in greater depth than on Instagram.